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uPVC doors & windows fixed, no problem.

No need to replace your door

On a uPVC and composite door, the locking strip is called a 'multipoint lock'. This is the part which runs down the edge of the door and keeps the door secure when locked.

There is every chance that at some point after years of use this will fail. Not to worry because this does not mean a new door as uPVC Door Repairs Doncaster specialise in the repair of all types of these doors regardless of the age of the door.

The original supplier will no doubt be no longer trading and the ones that are, will try to sell you a new door. Arguing that parts are no longer available. We do not fit new doors, only repair old ones with new original parts, watch our video to find out more...


Common problems with uPVC doors

If you find that you now can not open your door even though the key is unlocking the door, we can help you.  If the handle is solid or just spinning around, there is every chance the mechanism has failed. With over 20 years experience in the uPVC door repair market we have the experience to know what to do. We will not damage your door in the process and the work is guaranteed for two years afterwards.

It may be that the door is still open but will not lock. While the door is still open, try lifting the handle and turning the key to lock. If the door will still not lock, then there is every chance the multipoint lock has failed.

There can be a variety of reasons why these problems have occurred.  If the door has gone out of alignment and this has made it difficult to lock, it may be the reason for failure. The average life-span for a multipoint lock is in the region of 10-12 years. Any shorter than this and it could be that you have been unlucky and that it is a defect on the mechanism itself.

Multipoint locks in stock

uPVC Door Repairs Doncaster have access to all the major manufacturers of uPVC door parts. Our van has been specifically built to carry over 250 different types of multipoint locks. This is so we can achieve a 99% rate of completing repairs on the same day we attend.

You may find that you can lock the door in the open position but not when closed. If it does, then the problem is an alignment one. This means your door needs a service. uPVC Door Repair Doncaster can do this for you. If will not cost a fortune and will help to prolong the life of the multipoint lock.

Call us, we can help repair your door

We do understand that the failure of the door lock is in some cases an emergency. You could be locked out or left with an open door overnight. Call us now, we can often be with you within the hour.

uPVC Door Repair Doncaster can replace broken or worn door handles as well. We carry a selection of different colours and types to suit the vast majority of doors in the Doncaster area.

For an appointment or more information call uPVC Door Repair Doncaster on 01302 378 068 and speak to one of our experts.

Our reputation means everything...

Turned out at short notice in the snow and freezing weather to re-aline our front door. Very competent and professional we have no hesitation in using his services again should the situation require it

Mr Bland from Oldcotes