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Conservatory door lock repairs in Doncaster


On conservatories the vast majority of doors are uPVC and have a multipoint locking mechanism to hold it secure and draught proof. Unfortunately this mechanism is liable to failure after many years of use.

The issue with conservatory doors over a standard front or back door is that you probably will not be in any rush to change this door for a new one due to the new one not matching the rest of the conservatory.

If your door will not open even when the key is unlocking the mechansim, there is every chance that it has failed. At Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster our vast knowledge and skill means this door can be opened and repaired. The average lifespan of multipoint locks is only 10-12 years, so it is not unusual for the lock to fail.

If the door is open but will not lock, firstly check to see if you can lock the door while it is open. This shows if it is an alignment problem or if that something is actually broken in the lock it self. Again either fault can be rectified with ease.

If a new multipoint lock is required, the replacemnt will be the same type or of a higher standard and comes with a full guarantee.

The age of your conservatory is usually not an issue either if you were wondering. Here at Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster we have repaired doors that are over thirty years old!

Conservatories do suffer with alignment problems on double doors a lot but all that is needed is a thorough service every few years, so why not call us for an appointment.

The handles can be replaced as well if yours are becoming tired and tatty. If you have tried sourcing new handles before and told that they don’t exist call Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster first, we will no doubt surprise you and say that they can be exchanged regardless of who supplied and fitted them originally.

Call Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster on 01302 272537 for information on repairs to conservatory door locks in Doncaster.

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