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Tilt and slide door repairs in Doncaster


At uPVC Door Repairs Doncaster, we specialise in the repair of tilt and slide doors. These types of doors were very popular years ago and many are in need of some attention now.

The original installers are  in most cases no longer trading and the ones that are will no doubt want to sell you a new door. We do not fit doors, only repair!

There are three common problems that occur with tilt and slide doors.

The most common being the “drive gear” fails. The door itself will drop slightly after years of use. This puts pressure on the bottom locking points, causing resistance and making the handle increasingly difficult to operate. After a period of time the main drive gear will fail, leaving you with an open door or a door which is locked shut and the handle often spinning around.  Not to worry, we WILL be able to open the door if this happens.

Another common fault is after many years of the doors being opened and shut the top gliders wear out. These hold the door upright. The first thing you will know about this is that the door will want to topple out on top of you! The door can still be shut if this happens and will be safe in the short term.

Finally the doors slide back and forth on a “bogey”. This is a series of wheels and a connecting bar, which is part of the closing mechanism. These can come out of alignment, springs can fail and the holding screws can come loose.

All of the above problems can be rectified and at a cost that will be considerably less that a replacement door. The work is guaranteed for two years also. The price includes a full service of the door as well, which will help to keep your door working for many years after.

We also carry a selection of replacement door handles. Sometimes the keys go missing for tilt and slide doors or are the non locking type. If you need a replacement handle, we can help replace these for you.

For a speedy repair to a tilt and slide door in Doncaster, call us on 01302 378 068 now. We can often be with you same day you call.

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Turned out at short notice in the snow and freezing weather to re-aline our front door. Very competent and professional we have no hesitation in using his services again should the situation require it

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