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Safestyle Window and Door Repairs in Doncaster

Safestyle are a very large UK based company that over the years have fitted thousands of doors and windows. If your guarantee has expired and you are experiencing problems with your Safestyle windows and doors, let Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster take a look before thinking of replacing the door or window.

Upvc Door Repair Service

At Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster we offer a service for doors that will not open or close and lock in an emergency.

Upvc doors are held secure by the means of a multipoint lock. These vary in quality and price but the average lifespan is only 10-12 years before they wear out and no longer operate as they did when new. 

These can be replaced with a new and original multipoint lock for a fraction of the cost of replacing the door.


Upvc Window Hinge Repair Doncaster

The hinges on a upvc window can seize or buckle sometimes, often leaving you with a window that will not close. 

There can be a variety of reasons this happens but usually it happens because of wear and tear. In kitchens and bathrooms moisture can get into hinge joints and cause them to stiffen up and seize. At Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster we would recommend a squirt of WD40 twice a year to help maintain the hinges.


Tilt and slide door repairs in Doncaster

At uPVC Door Repairs Doncaster, we specialise in the repair of tilt and slide doors. These types of doors were very popular years ago and many are in need of some attention now.

Anti-Snap Locks Doncaster

Are you concerned that your upvc door locks are not as good as you were lead to believe? We look at the benefits of anti-snap locks.

Conservatory door lock repairs in Doncaster

On conservatories the vast majority of doors are uPVC and have a multipoint locking mechanism to hold it secure and draught proof. Unfortunately this mechanism is liable to failure after many years of use.

Window handle repairs Doncaster

Are you looking for a local company to repair a upvc window with a faulty handle?

uPVC Door Lock Repair Doncaster

Has your upvc door jammed shut? Are you having a problem with locking a upvc door? Has the key snapped in the Lock?

All the above problems can be easily fixed by uPVC Door Repairs Doncaster.

Looking for a window Doctor in Doncaster?

Upvc doors and windows do not need replacing when a lock fails. Often our customers tell us that they are told replacement parts are no longer available for their doors and windows! The GOOD news is, Upvc Door Repairs Doncaster have access to huge stocks of replacement parts.

Patio door repairs in Doncaster

If you are having problems with a patio door, we can help. All patio door locking mechanisms will fail at some point, the average lifespan being 10-12 years.

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